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As a business communications advisor and life coach, I sit at the intersection of the right and left brain and offer participants a unique experience with a different perspective.


I specialize in speaking and facilitating interactive sessions in which participants learn something but also explore their own solutions during our time together.


I am passionate about equipping others to find inner clarity for their own success while sharing my journey as a communications professional, life coach, and person with a disability.

“Kamna is a thoughtful, inspired, and truly emphatic communicator and coach... She is propelled by a desire to get us all moving toward more genuine and authentic and more effective connections."
— Attendee, SF IABC, Using Authenticity to Bolster Your Personal Brand Workshop


A selection of my most popular topics:


Blank Slate
Start fresh and approach your communications with a different perspective. Learn how to get out of your own way and find new solutions to the same old problems.

Doing Diversity Differently
Explore and understand the shortcomings of a tried and traditional approach to celebrating diversity. Instead, learn how to ignite inclusion across your organization, making it a part of the employee experience and fostering greater engagement.


Innovative Networking
Networking isn't just about attending happy hours anymore! Learn how to network the way that works best from you, including in-person and virtually.

Using Authenticity to Bolster Your Personal Brand
The secret to differentiating yourself as a consultant or small business owner is simple: it’s you. Learn how injecting various aspects of “you” into your marketing can help you grow your business.



Style Check: Leadership Styles
Self-awareness is the key to great leadership. Discuss and discover your leadership style, how others perceive you and how they are impacted because of it.

Tap into Your Inner C-Suite and Grow Forward
Examine and plan for various aspects of your career growth by wearing different "C-Suite" hats!

The Hustle: Strategically Diversify Your Business and Keep Opportunities Flowing
The reality for solo practitioners is that getting too focused can limit the amount of business you get. Learn how to pick and choose what to take and when to say no, all based on what serves you and your business.

Swim Like an Octopus: Managing Your Time and Responsibilities
Learn practical time management tips so you can balance 8 things at once and be successful with your work, without feeling fractured.


Redefining Resilience
There’s a stereotype of what resilience is and what it should look like. Learn how to go inward to redefine what resilience is to you and how you find it to cope with a health transition.

5 Phases of Navigating a Health Transition
Your life has changed and is continuing to change. The onset of a chronic health condition or disability brings with it many complex emotions. Explore how to process these feelings and take control of your life using a coping model I’ve created.

Making a Choice

We have all been given the power to create our experiences through our choices.  Learn how to make the choice to not let your situations define you and to keep moving forward, even in times of angst.

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I’ve never believed in cookie-cutter approaches.
I also work with companies and organizations to create customized presentations and sessions that are tailored to your needs and those of your attendees.

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“It was a great session. I learned a lot and really liked the way [Kamna] structured this coaching session. I also liked that we put the learning into practice right away."
— Attendee, McKesson, Innovative Networking Workshop

Organizations where I've spoken:

Advanced Learning Institute
Alamo Women's Club
Indian Business & Porofessional Women
International Association of Business Communicators

Women of Resilience Conference

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"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something." – Plato