Pro Bono Coaching Program

Supporting those who need an extra boost

Quarterly Pro Bono Coaching Program
Kamna provides pro bono coaching services to up to 3 clients each quarter, as a way of lifting up those who need support, but cannot afford traditional coaching services. Clients who apply and are accepted into the program will receive three 1-hour sessions via phone or video.

Pro Bono Coaching is geared toward and given to:

  • Individuals making under $20/hour
  • Students who are also working
  • Individuals who have been unemployed for over 18 months
  • People who are 55+ and looking for a new job and/or seeking a career transition
  • Parents (moms or dads) who took a break from their career to raise kids and now want to go back 

Program and Application Guidelines:

  • Quarters run from January to March, April to June, July to September, and October to December
  • Applications can be submitted at any time, even during the quarter
  • All sessions must be completed within the quarter in which the candidate is accepted
  • Applications may be submitted online using this form

Don’t quite fit the criteria? Set up a coaching consultation with CoachKamna to discuss your situation. Discounts for people in transition as well as those who work for non-profits and the public sector are available.

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