Coaching Options

Solutions designed to meet your needs


For clients ready to invest in coaching without being tied to a prescribed number of sessions.

On-Demand Subscription

For clients who don’t need regular coaching but want to to be able to call on a coach as needed.

Career Development Package

For companies who want to support an employee’s growth and development in specific areas.

"I have been working regularly with Kamna over the last 3 years... From one-to-one discussions to writing assignments, Coach Kamna employs different methodologies to lead me through thoughtful discussions, critical planning and decision making."
― Alex Grossman, VP Brand Marketing & Global Creative Director

Coaching Sessions

Ideal for anyone who wants structure without obligatory schedules
Coaching Sessions work well for clients who would like structure and routine with a dash of flexibility and customization.

Whatever your goal is, we can work together to develop a coaching framework that provides you with the support and accountability you need without obligating you to fit into a specific model or quantity of sessions.

Schedule your complimentary introductory session today!
Join me for a 45-60 minute phone session and share what you would like to accomplish.

We can then discuss my approach and determine how that suits your needs and how many sessions might benefit you. There is no obligation to begin coaching sessions thereafter.

"Over the course of just a few very pointed sessions, Kamna offered smarts, kindness and the deft rapport of a skilled coach, with the personal experience of a creative." 
― Maggie Harryman, Copywriter & Content Strategist

On-Demand Subscription

Ideal for anyone who wants support but needs flexibility.
Maybe you lack the time or aren’t interested in full-fledged coaching sessions, but you do need an occasional accountability partner or motivation guide.

The On-Demand model works well for individuals who want to test drive coaching, or already have already experienced a coaching cycle, and want to take it one session at a time.

On-Demand Subscription Benefits

30-minute check-in
Whether you want to treat it as a power break or sanity check, take advantage of a monthly phone session with your coach, accountability partner or whatever hat you need me to wear that day.

Unlimited 10% discount on additional coaching sessions
Life is unpredictable. Be better prepared for those moments when you need to hone your focus on goals or navigate a challenge in your work or personal life.

On-Demand subscribers enjoy the flexibility of scheduling additional 30 or 60-minute coaching sessions in-person, over the phone or through video chat. You’ll receive 10% off on these sessions without a limit on this discount or sessions.

Monthly emails prepared just for you
Stay on track with a coaching email that you can enjoy at your convenience. Each email will feature hand-picked tips, articles, and resources on one of 3 topics:

  • Work-life balance/time management
  • Wellness/stress management
  • Career development/leadership

Ready to learn more?

Schedule your complimentary introductory session today!

"Maturity is not when we start speaking big things... it is when we start understanding small things." – Carl Jung