Career Development Package

Taking your talent to the next level

Our Career Development Package offers companies a holistic coaching approach to help employees flourish. Kamna Narain is an organizational leader and senior communications professional with more than a decade of expertise in coaching and HR-related initiatives.

The CK Career Development advantage

Safe Environment
Employees are provided with a neutral third party to discuss challenges and stressor

Customized Plans
Individuals are afforded an opportunity to set a goal and create a plan to achieve it

Increased Ownership
Employees are equipped to take ownership of their own career path

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kamna through various leadership/management roles and transitions. Kamna has excellent listening skills and a remarkable sense of perception, giving her the ability to draw out thoughts and insights that I don’t always know are there." ―Stacey Haught, Director, Change Leadership

Consider working with me if you're ...

  • Transitioning into a new role or greater responsibilities
  • Preparing for a promotion or expanded role
  • Experiencing heightened periods of stress
  • Feeling stagnant and looking to grow in your current role
  • Needing to develop specific soft skills (e.g. collaboration, diplomacy, strategic thinking, speaking in meetings)

Career Development Package

  • An optional and confidential 30-minute discussion with the employee’s manager to better understand desired goals for the individual
    • A written summary of the session is provided to the manager to share with the employee, if desired
  • Six, 1-hour, confidential coaching sessions with the employee (in-person or via phone/video conference)
  • A written action plan created with the employee
  • An optional joint debrief with the manager to review the action plan and discuss further opportunities for growth

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“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” ― Maya Angelou